Will I lose weight if I have liposuction?

The short answer to this question is: most likely not. As I’ve said in previous posts, liposuction is not a method of weight loss. I do around 5-6 liposuction cases per week. The average amount of fat I remove is one to two liters, which weighs around two to four pounds. This doesn’t sound like much, but when fat is removed from a single area such as the stomach, two pounds of fat is enough to make a huge difference in the way you look and the way your clothes fit. But in terms of numbers on the scale, your weight varies by a couple of pounds depending on how much water you are retaining. So you won’t see a difference in your actual weight after liposuction.

courtesy of shutterstock.com

courtesy of shutterstock.com

There are some cases where patients do see a change in their weight. These are usually instances where someone has gotten several areas treated, e.g. stomach, waist, hips, inner thighs, arms, and back. This much liposuction is actually separated into two operations because there is a limit to how much fat we can remove safely in one day. And even in these large, two-stage, operations, I’ve never seen a patient lose more than 10lbs.

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    1. Greer Post author

      Sure do! Pain varies from person-to-person. Down time is about a week off work, 4-6 weeks before cardio and weights.
      Jennifer Greer, M.D.


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