Why do I always look sad?

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One of the common reasons patients come to my office is because they think they look “sad all the time”, no matter what mood they’re in.  Those lines at the side of your mouth that always make you look grumpy?  Those are called “marionette lines” – they actually look more like the mouth of a ventriloquist dummy, but I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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As we age, our faces start to show the effects of years of gravity; those lines are caused by the fullness over your cheeks moving to a lower position on your face.




There are two ways to improve the appearance of these lines.  The first is to move that tissue back to its original position.  This is what a facelift does.  Facelifts work wonderfully to tighten the lower face and jawline, but there is some down time involved.  The results, however, generally last for many years.  The second option is to plump up the wrinkles with filler.  This works very well, but you will need a treatment every 6-8 months.

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