The best way to get a flat stomach after having a baby

Tummy tuck, flat stomach, abdominoplasty, flat stomach after baby

Get rid of saggy skin and have a flat stomach, permanently.

tummy tuck, flat stomach, flat stomach fast, abdominoplasty

Get your pre-baby body back and regain your self-confidence.

Having a baby changes your life, and your body. I know the feeling: you look in the mirror, turn sideways, and suck it in, but that loose skin and lower belly pooch won’t completely go away. Here’s the good news: you can get rid of that saggy skin and feel great in your jeans again!

Before I explain how to fix that saggy stomach, let’s explore what causes the sag:

  1. Skin stretches with pregnancy and weight gain. After the baby is born that excess skin will shrink up quite a bit, but often not all the way.
  2. Your rectus muscles (that form a 6-pack) stretch apart to accommodate the baby. Just like your skin, the muscles don’t necessarily bounce back to normal.

    tummy tuck before and after, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck

    Before and after tummy tuck


To get that flat stomach back (and regain your self confidence!), you need to remove the extra skin and tighten the stretched muscles. And that means surgery.  No amount or combination of exercise will accomplish what a tummy tuck can.


And here’s the great news: the results are permanent! If you stay at a stable weight, your flat stomach (and increased confidence) will be around for a long, long time.


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