Scars after Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery has a very high patient satisfaction rate, with nearly 90% of women rating their results as “good” or “very good”.  One common area of concern, however, is the scars afterward.

Whenever I meet with a patient regarding breast reduction surgery, one of the first things I explain is that breast reduction surgery essentially trades large breasts for smaller breasts with scars.  There are a few different incision types, but by and large the most common is the Wise-pattern incision.  This type of incision is around the nipple, down the front of the breast, and underneath the breast in the inframammary fold (see diagram below).

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For obvious reasons, this is also known as an anchor style of incision.  And like any surgical scar, the scars from breast reduction may widen and raise, or stay pink or red for many months.  But there is good news.  First, appropriate treatment after surgery can help minimize the appearance of scars.  This may include massaging the area, applying a silicone-based scar cream, or even laser treatments.  Second, the scars do fade with time.  After the first year, the majority of breast reduction scars are flat and skin-colored.  Finally, breast reduction scars are covered by a bra or a bikini top, meaning they won’t show in regular clothing.

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