Removing Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a great procedure, with a very high satisfaction rate.  But unfortunately breast implants do not last forever.  Most commonly implants are removed if they rupture, or for capsular contracture (when firm scar tissue forms around the implant).  Many women opt to have the implant replaced in these instances, but some prefer to have the implant removed altogether.  If this is the case, the question arises:

Will my breasts sag if I have my implants removed?

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Whether or not breasts sag after removing implants depends on several factors.

  1. First, how long have you had implants?  Breasts tend to sag with time regardless of whether you have implants, so you can expect more sagging if you remove implants 20 years later, rather than just a few years.
  2. Second, what size implants did you have placed?  Larger implants stretch and thin the overlying tissue, resulting in more sagging after removal.
  3. Third, have you gained and lost weight or had children since having your augmentation?  Both weight change and pregnancy may result in loss of perkiness.

The best way to know what to expect after implant removal is to consult with a plastic surgeon.  The more information you have regarding your initial augmentation surgery, the better your surgeon will be able to predict what your results will be after implant removal.  This information may include the location of the implants (under or over the muscle), where your incision is located, and the size and type of the implants.  Based on this information and a physical exam, your surgeon may recommend an additional procedure such as a breast lift to obtain optimal results.

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