Hurricane Sandy hits… Cleveland

Hurricane Sandy hit the coast yesterday, and I’m sitting home watching news coverage on CNN (okay, that and alternating between the marathon of horror movies on AMC.  It’s nearly Halloween, after all!)  Why am I home at 11am on a Tuesday?  Because the power is out at our office.

I was on my way in to the hospital this morning to round on my patients who had surgery yesterday when my office manager rang in to let me know our office was one of the 7,700+ places in Mentor, OH without power, just another casualty of Hurricane Sandy.  And I’m grateful that our patients our generally being treated for non-emergency conditions, so rescheduling them isn’t a huge problem.  In fact, we only had a handful of people scheduled for today, as we were actually doing training for our new electronic medical record.  That would be tough without power.  So I’ll do my part and stay off the roads today.

How are you weathering the storm?

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One thought on “Hurricane Sandy hits… Cleveland

  1. Thank goodness power isn’t out at the house so you can still watch the horror movies. Too bad you aren’t both still in St. Louis (not really!), Don would be sitting right there watching the movies with you!! LOL

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