Does the no!no! actually work?

Disclaimer: I have no actual personal experience with the no!no! The information in this blog is based on my knowledge of laser hair removal, the no!no! website, and the articles published in peer-reviewed journals regarding the no!no!.


We perform quite a bit of laser hair removal in my office, and I have to admit that those ads for the no!no! have piqued my curiosity.  So I went to their website and did a little research.  The no!no! actually works very differently from laser hair removal. Laser hair removal uses a specific wavelength of light which is picked up by the pigment in hair. This heats the hair follicle and damages it, preventing it from growing a new hair in the future. In contrast, no!no! uses a filament to heat the hair directly, in essence burning it off. As I mentioned before, I haven’t tried the no!no! myself, but from this description it probably is fairly effective in the short term. But the studies done on no!no! did not determine whether this hair removal is permanent.  Based on the website description, hair may regrow if you stop treatment. You have to do the treatments twice a week for the first two months, then once a week for another month, then as needed. This sounds fairly time intensive compared to laser hair removal, which generally only requires 6-12 treatments total.  I was skeptical before reading about the no!no! Afterwards, I think it could be worth a try, but you may find it to be more trouble than it’s worth.


Do you have any personal experience with the no!no!? We’d love to hear about it!

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